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Fundamentals of Website design in South Africa.

The website design industry is quite a flooded one around the world. It seems as if anyone with a laptop believes that they can offer this service. With that said the prices are dropping too.

So what makes Cleverweb the best website design company with affordable rates?

This question depends on who you are and what you are looking for. If you are looking for website design in South Africa and you have a fancy hotel in the upmarket suburbs of Johannesburg, Then you will need an upmarket website that will reflect the brand of your business and the prices you charge. If you need regular website maintenance, it will also be reflected in your monthly payments.

The most overlooked item when it comes to web design South Africa is whether the affordable website design packages include search engine optimization. Without the SEO your website will never be visible to your target audience or the people that are searching for website design Johannesburg. This is very important when choosing a company that will undertake your designing needs, that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Web site designing might seem like an easy concept because there are a lot of website designers today but the truth is, It takes hard work, determination, passion the right qualifications, and experience for one to become successful in web design. With that said if a company doesn’t have qualified members of staff, they might not be able to execute the project well.

Website design South Africa Website design South AfricaNow that you have decided that you want a beautiful website and most importantly to be on the first page of google. We can fully guarantee that you are at the right place, Cleverweb will build your beautiful website and do a 360 degree Search Engine optimization so you don’t lose those prospective clients. Over and above website design and SEO, Cleverweb is very well known for content writing, website maintenance, eCommerce websites, social media marketing, Video design, copywriting and blogging, and google ads.

Website design South Africa

If you are unsure how the website design world works we are more than happy to take you through every single service offering step by step so that you can have a better understanding.

Below is a brief break down of some of the most popular services we offer in addition to website design.


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Website design and Search engine Optimization explained.

 The first step to enjoying the benefits of the online world is by having your first website designed. A website is your virtual storefront. It is the first thing that your prospective clients will see before they make contact. It has to impress your clients and the content on your website should be able to keep them wanting to know more.

This will turn your visiting customers to buyers, because this is your first step, Now that you have your beautiful website designed. You will need to have your website optimized for mobile-friendly experience, then your website designer will need to index your website for search engines to be able to crawl it.

Website design South Africa

This is the most interesting part because indexing your website will make sure that your website is not only on the first page of Google but on the front page of all search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Website maintenance explained.

Most people will always ask this question, Why do I need to pay for website maintenance?

Website maintenance plays a big role in the overall health and functionality of your website, A well-maintained website will keep your visitors coming back, website visitors like to see a well updated and a functional website.

If your website has a lot of glitches chances are your visitors might get frustrated and leave before they get to see what you offer, this is the most important part of owning a website. You will also not have to worry about the technical challenges that come with either theme or plugin updates.

Website Maintenance

Ecommerce website design and online shop explained

This type of website design might be very popular considering that we live in a digital world. You might have seen fully online shops like Amazon and eBay, Not to forget our very own local website designed in South Africa such as,, etc.

These are perfect examples of eCommerce shops. We are very proud to mention that was designed by our team at Cleverweb which puts us among the best website designers in Gauteng. The eCommerce websites have unique functionalities like the shopping cart, pricing tables, and an option to integrate our very own trusted payment gateways like Pay fast and PayPal which accepts all forms of acceptable payments in South Africa.

Copywriting, blogging and Video design

The best website content will generate revenue for you, Website visitors like appealing, enriching, informative and educative content. This can be on your newly designed website or on the blog section of the website. While you have the great search engine optimized content written and customized for your website, you might also want to have a great video that can either be in an animated form.

Videos Animated

This might sound complicated but the personalized explainer videos we create at Cleverweb are personally branded and tailor-made to meet your needs. They align with the services you offer and they speak directly to your clients.

Social media marketing and google ads

We would like to remind you that currently there are over 3 billion people globally that use social media on a daily basis and it is estimated that, the number will double by 2025. At Cleverweb we keep up with the trend and tricks of online marketing.

After we have designed your best website Pretoria, We will be available to create the best social media campaign that will see your business move from one level to another because we understand the power of Social media Marketing, additionally, we have the right tools and technology to set up your google ads.

Most people believe that advertising on Google is expensive, At Cleverweb we believe that advertising on google is time and money-saving, because we understand the pros and cons of google. We are highly experienced in keyword researching to make sure that your online business reaches its potential.

what our clients have to say?

I looked for a website design cape town company that will build and market my website. After many calls, I stumbled across Cleverweb, and from that day onwards my business as never been the same. Clever web took care of all graphic design needs for us, this included business cards, logos and they worked tirelessly to make our website the most beautiful. I am very grateful for their efforts. ( Mariah Gonzales )


We are the most preferred and trusted website design company in the country because of our commitment, passion, and dedication. We also offer a free website auditing and traffic analysis because we believe that it is best that you know where your business stands in the online world.

We are always looking forward to welcoming you into the world of website design and most of all the online world. Now that you have gone this far the next thing to do is contact one of our friendly staff members and we can discuss your needs pertaining to website design, Search engine optimization, content writing, and many more.



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